Standing Together

Welcome. Let’s stand together!

I’ve  come to realize the following equation to be true:

Faith + Resources/Provisions +  Support of Good People = Hope & Wholeness

Utilizing resources and tools to assist our families and teens is a wonderful thing!  In fact, let’s refer to Helaman’s stripling warriors in Alma 56.  These were young men who went to fight a battle their parents couldn’t fight, and although the odds were against them, they won the battle. 

In comparison, our youth today are strong and valiant.  They are also fighting a battle that their parents can’t fight for them.  This may not be on a literal battle field, but is currently being fiercely fought by each and every one of them with the unique challenges they face today-anxiety, pornography, eating disorders, addiction, harassment, etc.  We always hear about how their strong testimonies (instilled in them by their faithful mothers-verse 47) gave them courage that they would conquer.   I love that part of this story!

What I wish to point out here is that, in addition to their valiant testimonies and turning their challenges over to Christ, these young men were also constantly being sent provisions to aid them.  In verse 27, we read that “there was brought unto us many provisions from the fathers of those my two thousand sons.” 


Turning challenges over to Christ and having faith is definitely a critical component in our youth winning this war.  However, equally important, were the provisions. The tools and resources being supplied to them.  Faith alone wouldn’t have won their fight.  It was a combination that led to their victory.


There are SO many resources and tools available for our youth to give them the provisions they need to overcome their challenges.  Of course, the Book of Mormon and prophet provide the foundation and basis of truth.  However, there are many resources available today that have been created by inspired people and also have a foundation of gospel truth.  These tools can make all the difference in helping them stand tall and never defeated.


My goal is to get these conversations started and share with you some of the available resources, and then encourage you to use prayer and seek to personal revelation to “Hear Him” to determine which, if any, is best for you and your family.

What resources or tools do you know about or have used personally that could help our youth?  If you know of a tool or resource that is centered in gospel truth and could benefit our youth, please share it with me!