Welcome! I hope you find this to be a community filled with support and light, as we discuss resources and cheer you along in your journey.

An accidental resilience researcher and cheerleader to all, Amber Robbins has a passion for strengthening families and teens.  A current graduate student in school counseling and mother of 4,  she has spent years researching the best ways to assist teens and families with the unique challenges they face today.  Amber is currently focused on sharing Latter-day tools  & resources for families and teens that are focused on hope and founded in truth.  She believes there are many inspired resources available today to assist families in healing, connection, resilience, and fanning the flames of their faith.  She can’t wait to share them with you!
Amber is the creator of the Amber Robbins Stands Instagram account @amberrobbinsstands, and correlating website, the Teen Take 30 Daily Resilience Practice and Bell Mail Biz gift shop @bellmailbiz.  Amber Robbins Stands is a Teen Take 30 company.

Opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect official teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints