4 Tips for Creating and Implementing Affirmations

Daily affirmations (I call them Power Statements) are a healthy tool for children and teens (adults, too!) to have in their wellness tool kits. There is much research today about how effective daily affirmations and positive self talk are in rewiring the brain, decreasing stress and increasing self-confidence.  

There was a time when I was researching this topic and thought, “affirmations aren’t something that members of my church believe in or practice.”  Upon further reflection and study, I realized that we do encourage our youth to practice affirmations- and have for a very long time!  Check out the past and current young women and young men youth themes.  They are both just positive affirmations-and powerful ones! As a reminder to us adults, Nephi in the Book of Mormon uses affirmations to create a mindset of confidence and action before he embarks on his journey to acquire the brass plates from Laban by stating, “I will go and do.”
Affirmations are one of the tools I have found that helped me to increase my resilience and move forward from challenges and setbacks. I am a firm believer in their power and encourage families to start this habit-especially during challenging times such as we currently live in.
Here are some tips regarding self-affirmations:
1-Start with I AM or I WILL.
2- Keep them short (usually 6 words or less).
3-Write them down and keep them in a visible place (like a bathroom mirror).
4-Repeat them aloud.
Consistency in this practice is key.  Just as brushing your teeth every day will give you the most benefits and consistent impact for your dental health, practicing positive affirmations daily will give you the best results for your mental health and self-worth.  Set a timer in your phone each morning for when to practice this if that will help you get in the habit.

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